needs financial help for his wife

今天在delphij的blog上看到的消息, ru@freebsd.org的老婆生了重病,急需资助。于是我赠送了delphij 2年的delphij.net域名服务,请他替我给ru@捐赠了20美元。算是义卖了。

唉,有啥别有病,没啥别没钱。希望ru@ 和他的老婆能顺利度过难关。


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Hi all!

I’ve got quite serious issues going on in my real life, and therefore I have to ask for your help. My wife Elena is seriously ill and needs a very long and expensive treatment. She will receive treatment in one of the best oncological clinics in Moscow for approximately 6-8 months, maybe longer, and it will cost us several tens of thousands of dollars. We do not yet know if she will survive, but we need to explore any possibility, and will hope for the best. If you wish and have the ability to help financially, please send your donations.

Thanks, and I wish very good health to you and your families. May God bless you!

E-mail me, I’m trying to answer all emails. Feel free to spread this news, keeping the reference to this page.



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  1. 心里很不是滋味

    去年,一位很重要的 hacker 的妻子被查出得了癌症,当时还通过 core team 的 PayPal 捐了一点钱,希望能够给治疗帮点忙,结果今天听徐老大说才知道,那个人还是去世了。 很多时候,生命就如同划过寂静夜空的流星。对于死亡这样的事情,我一直觉得自己能够比较坦然地去面对,但是每一次听到这样的消息,或是去参加葬礼的时候,仍然不免会觉得心里很不是滋味。 人生苦短,唉。…


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