This is just a simple blog site for LIU Kang, just like a piece of paper for myself and for others…

我出生在北京,并且在这里长大,尽管现在这里污染严重,但北京仍然是我的家。 自从2008年6月起,我成为思科网络技术学院技术经理,现在负责大中华区和日本区的技术方面工作。本网站内容只是个人内容与思科网络技术学院相关工作无关。

I was born and raised in Beijing. Although Beijing is now well-known for haze, it is still my hometown. Since June 2008, I become the Technical Manager of Cisco Networking Academy, covering Greater China and Japan region for technical professional jobs. The contents in this website are personal and are not related to Cisco Networking Academy.

我有CCIE 路由交换和安全认证,认证编号 CCIE #17564,也有过超过10年的系统运维的经验(BSD/Linux/Solaris)和编程经验(Script/C/C++)。如果有技术问题,我也很乐意在这里和你交流,但是只能以”尽力而为“的模式来交流,感谢你的理解。 如果你对我成为CCIE的经历感兴趣,可以翻翻这里,我只想说现在回忆起来那真是一段痛苦和快乐并存的经历:

I’m a “double CCIE“at this time (CCIE Routing & Switching and CCIE Security),  CCIE #17564. I also have 10+ years system operation/maintenance experiences (BSD/Linux/Solaris) and programming experience (Script/C/C++). I’m happy to discuss technical related issues in this site, while it is my personal site, I can only respond your questions/comments with “best effort“, thanks for your understanding. If you are interested in how I become a CCIE, feel free to check the blog posts (written in Chinese) in those 2 categories, it is a lifelong memorable experience for me:

Twitter disclaimer:
“These tweets (@cnkang) are my own, not Cisco’s.”

Blog disclaimer:
“The opinions expressed in this blog are my own views and not those of Cisco, any comments in this website are the personal opinions of the original authors, not those of Cisco.”